Contact, Connect, & Hire – You Need Me If You Need This…

Like a kindergartener sitting cross-legged on a classroom rug, wiggling around because I just can’t sit still, and frantically waving my hand in the air as a cry for attention, I shout: “PICK ME! PICK ME!”

I can appreciate that the pool of freelance writers available to choose from is a vast one. I can also appreciate that what most business owners, representatives, and editors want in return for their investment in a writer is a professional and efficient teammate who gets the job done. I write well, meet deadlines, and never provide clients with written work I would hesitate to associate with my own name. My stubborn desire to never stop writing can compliment your need for current, constant, and unique content swimmingly. This being said, if you are not satisfied with my work, I would be happy to offer revisions until you are pleased with the end product. After all, if we have opted to engage in work together, we have simultaneously chosen to form a reciprocal relationship—a construction built with and strengthened by beams of mutual respect wherein there is enough space for dual self-interests to reside—and it is my role to ensure that the interests you bring to the table are what I serve.

But enough about me. What do you hunger for? What do you need?

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Are you the representative of a tourism business (Costa Rican or not) in need of someone to write informative and entertaining articles about your hotel, tour, transportation service, restaurant, store, staff, community involvement, or charitable efforts to drive supplementary traffic to your website, increase your marketable presence, and/or boosts your sales?
I offer tourism businesses the power of three:
  1. Knowledge of the tourism industry as a business owner; the corporate perspective
  2. Experience as an international traveller; the consumer perspective
  3. Written work that forms a nexus between sellers (businesses) and targeted buyers (travellers)

I combine the interests of businesses that want to relay specific information, messages, and details to travellers, with the interests of travellers who stand to benefit from the offerings of particular businesses. My writing is educational, entertaining, and showcases to travellers what they need (e.g., trip support, recommendations, sound advice, perspectives from local angles, and accounts of firsthand experience), while at the same time giving businesses what they want (an increase in the number of travellers who are aware of—and more likely to purchase—what the business sells).

Additionally, tourism businesses centred in Costa Rica benefit from:
  • My familiarity with the country, Ticos, and the process of conducting business vis-à-vis the pura vida lifestyle and mañana attitude.
  • My status as a known Costa Rica expert; my name is a mainstay throughout Costa Rica travel discourse and I write for the Costa Rica Travel Blog, DIY Costa Rica, and
  • My reputation among travellers as a valuable resource; my readers’ testimonials speak volumes to my credibility, reliability, trustworthiness, and spot-on recommendations
  • Opportunities for business promotion via my travel blog
I not only bring professionalism, persuasion, and an active voice to my work, but also thousands of followers and millions of viewers who rely on my writing to educate them on a variety of topics specific to travel throughout Costa Rica as well as world travel in general.

As a businesswoman, I have networking experience with hundreds of tourism suppliers. I know how competitive the market can be, and I know that businesses can build their brand, improve their image, and increase their sales significantly simply by creating new (or editing existing) written work. Words can be powerful when they are designed as thought provoking, benefit-driven, and convenient calls to action.

As a traveller, I know what tourism consumers want and need from businesses in order to confidently agree to a sale. This makes me an intelligent and informed nomad. I also know how one word, phrase, or paragraph can sell a product or service to a traveller, beyond selling travellers on the idea of it. This makes me an intuitive and motivated writer, as well as a smart an effective copywriter.


Are you the representative of a business (travel and tourism-themed or not) in need of a writer who can create unique, succinct, and compelling copy to help build your brand or appeal to a particular demographic?

Stop trying to force sales. Good copy sells itself and can do wonders for your business too. I could spend the rest of this paragraph selling you on me and my abilities, but I’d rather spend the time selling for you and creating endless possibilities. Beyond my awards, achievements, acknowledgements, education, experience, and skills that have each contributed to the person I am and the work I produce, what I can contribute to you and your work is my greatest asset: clear vision.

I can:
  • Spot gaps in poorly worded copy that fails to connect consumers with the benefits of a particular product or service
  • Rewrite sloppy copy for more effective message transfer
  • Create informative, impactful, active, and perspective-driven copy from scratch that captures the essence of a product or service, and most importantly, convinces consumers they can’t continue on without it

Worthwhile copy doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk. Clear vision—my secret, my edge, and my advantage—leads me in the right direction. Every time.


Are you the representative of a magazine, journal, newspaper, guidebook, website, blog, or other resource looking to feature Costa Rica from the perspective of either an international traveller, an experienced expat, or a local expert, and in need of a writer who can supply content that is consistent with the vision of your publication?

As my blog biography notes, I—together with my husband—live, breathe, work, and enjoy beautiful Costa Rica. I am also a talkative person, so, coupled with the fact that I love to write, I may just be Costa Rica’s biggest loudmouth. I have a lot to say about the country, and I can communicate it in your voice or my own. Are you looking for written work that speaks to young, gap year travellers, retired empty-nesters, or professional, time-conscious business travellers? Prefer pieces that are written from a particular point of view? Or, content that features the special hook that your publication is known for? What about an article that shocks or stimulates your readers, or sells or tells stories to them? I’ve got a grab bag full of goodies to pull content from.

Under the umbrellas of travel and tourism, I can be hired to provide the following:
  • Written work for the purpose of business, product, or service promotion
  • “How To…”, “Top ‘X Number’…”, and “The Best Of…” articles that appeal to travellers’ interests
  • Destination articles that feature cities, beaches, attractions, sites of interest, or secret spots
  • Food and drink articles that feature dining locations, meal preparations, or foods/drinks native to the cuisine of a particular country
  • Health articles that highlight the benefits of travel, travel services, or business products
  • Human interest articles that highlight inspirational stories, tales of triumph, or life-changing travel experiences
  • Special interest articles that showcase unique business operations
  • Cultural articles that feature holidays, traditions, practices, or historical accounts
  • News articles that expose social justice or fairness issues


Are you the representative of a blog, advertising agency, or marketing company that provIDes clients with engaging, informative, and persuasive written content?

Bloggers, advertisers, and marketers: I know you love words; when connected wisely, they can evoke emotion, tell a story, or sell a product. Without words, you would struggle to fulfill the mandates of your clients, and without clients to fuel your business, your entrepreneurial machine would eventually stall. But I also know that not all of you are writers, albeit most of you are killer advertisement campaign designers, proficient sales strategists, spot-on market researchers, blog community superstars, or other incredibly talented game players. Fortunately, providing written content is what I love to do, and, let’s be honest about something—if you don’t share my level of excitement towards writing, then every project you hire me to provide written content for is one less project you have to yawn your way through.

If you don’t want to waste your time performing tasks that you struggle to enjoy, and you are in search of someone to handle the written components of the projects piling up on your desk, look no further than to me. I’m the nerd typing on her laptop in the corner of the coffee shop you purchase your daily grind at each morning before heading to work to tackle the same. That nerd is as happy as can be working in her own inflated bubble of determination and discipline, smiling giddily to herself, creating something tangible from a concept, and eager to hand over the final draft to you so you can do what you’re best at: setting words free. Let that nerd do your grunt work; surprisingly, she doesn’t find it anything to grunt about at all. Oh, and she’s fantastic at writing in the third person, that clever and capable little nerd.


Are you the representative of a business that operates in Spanish but needs to increase or perfect its appeal to English-speaking consumers?

You are in luck, English second language (ESL) business representatives. Bilingualism is a handy tool that I just so happen to carry in my writer’s toolbelt.

I can:
  • Proofread/edit/revise text that you have already written in English to ensure the information you provide to your English-speaking consumers is professional, clear, and grammatically correct (including, but not limited to, text in written documents, website/form content, email templates/canned responses, and social media statuses)
  • Translate text that you have already written in Spanish that you would like to obtain a copy of in English (including, but not limited to, text in written documents, website/form content, email templates/canned responses, and social media statuses)
  • Write new and unique text in English to not only appeal to English-speaking individuals but also increase your presence within English-dominant discussions, increase search engine optimization (SEO) according to English terms and phrases, and increase sales among English-speaking consumers who want, need, or prefer to conduct business in English (including, but not limited to, text in written documents, website/form content, email templates/canned responses, and social media statuses)


Still not sure whether my persona, intents, and work are a good fit for you and yours?

Understand why I write and how a 9-year-old sparked my career.

Learn about my personal mantra and how acts of goodwill help fulfill my life’s purpose.

Familiarize yourself with samples of my written work.

If the above doesn’t convince you, perhaps ABBA’s lyrics will:

“Take a chance on me.”

Start by using the contact form provided below to let me know what you need. Alternatively, you can email me at: findme (at) nikkisolano (dot) com